CopperheadOS review

Unlike many, who apparently got nothing to hide (, I’m a bit keen on my privacy and security. This has probably something to do with my daily job as a DevOps engineer, but should nevertheless be interesting for anyone who wants to be back in control of their data. This CopperheadOS review is about taking […]

WordPress CVE scanner using

In my previous posts I already wrote about a WordPress CVE scanner (part 1, part 2). It kept haunting me with failures and disappointment. It began with blackbox scanning (slow and performance killing) which moved to whitebox scanning with Wordstress which proved to be buggy. So it needed to be addressed one more time (hopefully). […]

Wordstress a whitebox CVE scanner for WordPress

a better whitebox scanner is found in a more recent post of mine A.k.a. WordPress security monitoring 2. In my previous article about worpress vulnerability monitoring the tool wpscan was used. This tool is a black box scanner, which gave us too much false positives and generated a great deal of load on our server which […]

Code nostalgia with Quick Basic

With my wife I was discussing the discipline of doing backups, in doing so I was thinking of how old my oldest file would be. How many years could I go back in time? I’m not talking about backup retention schemes but about my oldest creation, the oldest modification date. So exploring the crypts of […]

WordPress vulnerability monitoring

Due to recurring security issues with WordPress I wanted a some kind of wordpress vulnerability monitoring for our Wordpress implementations. The current monitoring setup is implemented with good old fossil Nagios. Despite of many better alternatives, Nagios still does a great job in alerting me through the aNag app. In this post I’ll describe a simple Nagios […]

RabbitMQ and PHP consumers

Are you using RabbitMQ and PHP and trying to consume messages in PHP? You might have encountered some difficulties when trying to daemonize a PHP script (maybe even used supervisord?… yuck). If not, think about it; ever seen successful implementions?… PHP isn’t built for this, it’s against its nature. I’m getting distracted here, but there is an excellent article […]