Code nostalgia with Quick Basic

With my wife I was discussing the discipline of doing backups, in doing so I was thinking of how old my oldest file would be. How many years could I go back in time? I’m not talking about backup retention schemes but about my oldest creation, the oldest modification date. So exploring the crypts of dusty ARJ archives looking at the bits and pieces I stored, I found some old code of mine that was so dusty and old, it made me smile and filled me with a feeling of nostalgia. I wanted to share this code nostalgia with you.

Facts and stats

Last modification date: 18 december 1991 (previous century :-))
My age back then: 11 years
Platform: MS-DOS
Language: Quick Basic
Project: Programming the mastermind game
Status: buggy/but some parts work

The code

Surprised about the ramblings of my 11-year old self, I came to the idea of reviving the code. With some fiddling with the dosbox emulator it was suprisingly easy to make it work again! I put a recording at the end of this post. It’s somewhat magic to see 25 years old code working on current computer.

Useless for sure, it contains a bug concerning the black pins, but it doesn’t matter, I was happy that night 🙂



And the screen capture:

code nostalgia